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     Welcome to Platte Valley Goats, home of Marty, Abby, Bill, Katie, Garrett and Paxton Bunde ("Bun-dee"). Our farm is located in the Platte River Valley in Central Nebraska. The Platte River historically has the distinction of being "a foot deep and a mile wide," and is now associated with the Sandhill Crane bi-annual migration. Thousands of  crane watchers pass through our area every year and we get a front row seat to watch both birds and watchers from our goats pens!

     Our goat herd started like most with a 4-H project, a wild Alpine doe picked up at a sale barn and bred to the only purebred buck nearby, which happened to be a LaMancha. We started our search for a better quality goat with a subscription to United Caprine News.  The ad that caught my eye was an outstanding rear view of four LaManchas: The South-Fork LaMancha herd located only a day's drive away in Lyons, Colorado. I picked out a buck on-line and we drove out to pick him up. When we arrived Marilou Webb gave us the tour and she had a doe that took my breath away: SGCH Cash-Farm Truffles. Truffles is still the most smoothly blended doe I have ever seen. Truffles had a Linear Appraisal score of 89 VEEE as a milking yearling which sounded pretty good as well.

     A call back home to Marty, and Truffles was my Mother's Day present that year. Marilou had another small doe she let us take home to keep Truffles company, South-Fork Zena. So we drove out for one buck and came back with a very nice starter herd.

     Beautiful udders with outstanding milking ability remain our #1 goal, but we also very much appreciate a beautiful smoothly blended goat to look at as well. Our herd today is most heavily influenced by the South-Fork and Lucky*Star herds. 2007 Reserve National Champion SGCH South-Fork Charming Cate can be found back in many of our pedigrees.

     Our entire herd is tested CAE-negative and we try to test annually. Kids are pulled at birth and we prefer the kid have no contact with the dam at birth. Kids are raised on heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized milk until 12 weeks of age. Prairie hay and a pelleted complete ration are introduced in the first few weeks.

     2019 was an interesting year in Nebraska with unprecedented flooding in this relatively dry state. Towns and farms all over the state were under water. We successfully avoided most of the flooding until the night before the Nebraska State Fair. The wind and rain got us out of bed at 2:30 am. We had received over 5 inches of rain in 30 minutes and lost power. The house was surrounded by water so we waded to the milk barn in water above our knees to find the milkers belly deep in water inside the barn. We guided them out of the barn, swam across a gully and put all the goats together inside a single dry stall we had in our top barn. With no dry barns and no place to put the herd, we loaded everyone in the trailer and went to the fair!! Marty stayed home and scooped mud out of the barns while the rest of us were at the fair. It was a very long week. Waikiki came home with a first and second place, Contessa got a 2nd and 3rd. Considering the stress our girls had been under, we were very happy with how they did. Clean up continues!

     Two weeks later we went to the Madison show and Contessa finished her championship, Waikiki and Trix each earned their 2nd leg, Stevie Nicks (another very nice Voila daughter) earned a dry leg and came back home to us from the Whimsical Kids herd.

     We are trying our first Laparascopic Artificial insemination this year. Waikiki, Contessa, Kat Ballou and Trix all received Lap-A.I., and oh what a nice selection of bucks we are trying! Take a look at their individual doe pages to see the great kids we are hoping for in 2020.

     We are SO excited for 2020! We have been waiting for the ADGA National show to come to Nebraska and it's almost here! Come see us in Grand Island or watch the livestream. Show dates are June 20-26, 2020.

     Please take a look around our website and let us know if you see something you like!

The Bunde Family
Marty, Abby, Bill, Katie, Garrett and Paxton Bunde
7515 West Platte River Dr.
Doniphan, NE  68832

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